• Liposuction Lower Face and Neck for a Better Profile and Neckline

    Also called lipo-sculpting and fat suctioning.

    Why liposuction of neck and chin?

    Fat accumulates in the neck, jowls and under the chin. This fat may persist even after extensive dieting.

    Fat in the neck and lower face creates an older appearing, less attractive neckline and profile. Liposuction is a minimally invasive method to quickly and permanently remove this fat resulting in a more vigorous, youthful and appealing neckline and profile.

    Who is a candidate for liposuction of neck and chin?

    Anyone who has reached mature growth. There is no upper age limit as long as the patient is in good health. Whatever the age, surgical candidates with any health issues should obtain clearance from their medical doctor.

    While any age can have liposuction good results require that the skin be able to contract as it heals following the procedure. If the skin is noticeably sagging before the procedure then an additional procedure to tighten the skin is needed for best results.

    As with any cosmetic plastic surgery, realistic expectations are important. Patients need to fully understand what the procedure can and cannot achieve. You should have all your questions answered before the surgery. Just as importantly, you should listen carefully and completely to your surgeon’s answers and explanations.

    Who will benefit most from liposuction of neck and chin?

    Young individuals with tight skin will have the most dramatic improvement. There is also the added advantage that permanently removing the fat prevents the skin from stretching out. This helps to maintain improved neckline and profile through the decades.

    What factors determine my result from liposuction of the neck and chin?

    How well the skin contracts following the removal of fat is the most important factor in determining the result. Having well defined supporting structures; a strong chin and jaw and a deep angle of the neck will also contribute to a final result.

    With time, skin gradually loses its ability to contract. Usually individuals under 35 can expect good contraction and those over 60 will need a procedure to tighten the skin. The middle group must always be evaluated on an individual bases. Smoking and sun exposure greatly robs the skin of its strength and ability to contract. Significant weight loss also lessens the skin’s ability to contract. Dr Perry can help you decide what treatment strategy is best for you.

    If my skin is not noticeably sagging but it’s not as firm and tight as it use to be am I a good candidate for liposuction of the neck and chin?

    Liposuction will virtually always result in some tightening of the skin and patients in this situation usually have a noticeable improvement with neck and chin liposuction alone. Patients with just a little sagging will typically will have some improvement. At this point some patients choose additional procedures such as lifting and tightening the skin or enhancing the chin and jaw line. Others choose to accept the result of liposuction alone. Liposuction does not “burn bridges”. If the skin has not contracted sufficiently after liposuction alone, lift and volume enhancing procedures are always a later option.

    Is liposuction of neck and chin the only way to improve the appearance of neck and chin?

    No. Face Lifts, neck lifts, chin implants are all ways to improve the appearance of the neck and chin. For some individuals these procedures will produce results superior to liposuction of the neck and chin alone. For others, combining one or more of these procedures with liposuction of the neck and chin will create the best appearance.

    How is liposuction of neck and chin?

    The procedure can be performed using only local anesthesia or any level of anesthesia the patient wishes.

    How do I recover following liposuction of neck and chin?

    Immediately after the procedure an elastic garment that wraps around under the chin and neck. The area treated will be sore and numb which will gradually resolve.

    What are the risks associated with liposuction of neck and chin?

    Eyelifts are a commonly performed procedure, and when done by a skilled, experienced surgeon such as Dr Perry, complications are extremely rare. The few that do exist include:

    • Bleeding
    • Infection during recovery

    Take the first step:

    If you are considering liposuction of neck and chin, schedule a consultation with Dr Perry. At your consultation Dr. Perry will carefully listen to your concerns and goals, perform the appropriate examination, answer any questions and explain your options often using computer imaging.

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