• On what areas are male body liposuction performed?

    Men’s Body Liposuction is performed to reduce, shape and contour the abdomen, love handles and back area. This gives the physique a more athletic and attractive look.

    Who are good candidates for men’s body liposuction?

    Men with fat deposits that can’t be eliminated through exercise and diet and have good skin elasticity are good candidates for liposuction.  The ideal candidate is someone who has remained at a stable weight level for several months and desires to improve their body contour.  This person understands that liposuction is not a weight loss method.

    Why use tumescent anesthesia for body Liposuction?

    Tumescent anesthesia is a technique in which a diluted anesthetic solution is placed in the fat layer. This provides excellent numbing and increases the safety and comfort during and after the procedure.

    Why does Dr Perry prefer micro cannulas?

    Liposuction cannulas are hollow, stainless steel tubes which are connected to a powerful suction device which literally “vaccuums” the fat out.  Micro Cannula Liposuction employs an extremely tiny stainless steel tube which allows more precise sculpting of treated areas than standard liposuction cannulas.  Micro Cannula Liposuction requires only a tiny opening no more than 3 mm to perform the procedure. These tiny openings are far less conspicuous than the openings for standard liposuction cannulas and usually “disappear” with time.

    Can men’s body liposuction be performed with other procedures?

    Many patients choose to combine body liposuction with facial procedures to avoid taking time off from the busy lives more than once.  This concept also has the added benefit of the patient becoming a more youthful appearing person in just a short period of time!  Common procedures that are often done at the same time as body liposuction are:

    Facial fat injection to contour the chin and chin area

    Eyelid lift and/or lower eyelid procedure to remove bags under the eyes and excess skin, making the patient look less tired and more alert.

    Day of surgery

    Prior to surgery at our facility, Dr. Perry will mark the areas you are having treated to use as a guide during the procedure.  You and the Dr. Perry will have decided on these areas at the time of your preoperative appointment.

    After men’s body liposuction

    Following the procedure, our patient will recover for a short period of time in a private recovery room.  He will be able to leave usually in an hour or two after surgery.  A compression garment that can be concealed under clothing will be provided to be worn for several weeks after surgery.  It is required that the patient  wear these garments not only to help absorb the liposuction fluid but also to provide support to the treated areas and ensure that maximum high definition results are obtained.  Our patient will also be provided with specific instructions and a post op appointment. Dr. Perry is also special in the fact that after surgery he provides his cell phone number to post op patients in case they have any questions or concerns.  There will be swelling, bruising and some discomfort, but most patients can return to work within a few days and resume exercising, depending on the type of exercise, within a week or two.

    Men’s body liposuction results

    The results of liposuction are usually seen after the swelling goes down, and full results can take up to 6 months to be seen.  The good news is that fat cells are permanently removed in the treated areas. The bad news is liposuction does not stop patients who eat excessively after their treatment from gaining weight. If patients gain weight after liposuction, the fat will distribute to the fat cells in other areas of the body.  That is why it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle after surgery.

    Risks of men’s body liposuction

    It is most important that you are in good physical health prior to surgery. Disclose your complete medical health in addition to all your medications and any allergies you may have.  Liposuction is a routine surgery with truly minimal risks if performed by a surgeon such as Dr. Perry in his accredited surgical facility.  The following complications can occur but are extremely rare:  infections, burns, embolisms, cardiac arrhythmia, and edema. Again we stress, most complications can be avoided by going to an experienced, knowledgeable and competent surgeon such as Dr. Perry, who always spends a great deal of time with patients during consultations, listening and answering their questions, and then making his suggestions to obtain the patient’s goals.

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