Brazilian Butt Lift 

As an award winning sculptor and pioneer surgeon in fat transfer for 30 years Dr Perry is the ideal choice for your Brazilian Butt Lift. Brazilian Butt Lift is also referred to as BBL, buttock augmentation and fat grafting or fat transfer to the buttocks. In a BBL Dr Perry first removes fat from unwanted areas of the body using a modified liposuction technique. This gives the patient the added benefit of contouring unattractive bulges. This fat is then carefully grafted into the buttock area. This is ultimate recycling!

Brazilian Butt Lift Before After Photo showing results in an average size. Fat was harvested from the lower back (Flanks)
Brazilian Butt Lift Before After Photo showing results in an average size. Fat was harvested from the lower back (Flanks)

How is BBL Done

In our most commonly performed version of Brazilian Butt Lift, Dr. Perry carefully liposuctions fat from the lower back area which is also referred to as the flanks, love handles or muffin top. Because the flanks are immediately above the buttocks reducing them not only creates a slimmer, better defined waistline but creates a more pronounced curve transitioning into the buttocks. This produces even greater enhancement to the buttocks. Of course the tummy, upper back and thighs are also common fat harvest sites. The harvested fat is then precisely transferred or grafted to the buttocks.  At every step of the procedure Dr Perry’s technique based on his many years experience in fat transfer maintains the most minimal trauma to the transfer cells assuring their optimal survival rate.


Patients can, of course, elect to have general anesthesia. That option does increases risks, recovery and costs. Dr Perry is an expert in tumescent local anesthesia which has less risks, less post operative pain, less cost and is more convenient. Most of our patients chose the in office tumescent option.

Who is a candidate for BBL

We have patients of all body types from very thin to much larger who are happy with their results. Patients may combine their Brazilian Butt lift with a tummy tuck. Very thin patients are happy to go from a flat to rounder more lifted appearance.


Immediately after a tumescent Brazilian Butt Lift patients will be drowsy and perhaps a little unsteady. The will have no pain for between 2 to 8 hours after the procedure because of the tumescent anesthesia. After the anesthetic has worn off patients typically feel bruised throughout the treated areas. After surgery and continueing through the first day drink plenty of fluids. Generally Tylenol (Generic Name: Acetaminophen) is all that is required for recovery. They also need to take the antibiotic which has been prescribed as directed for the first 5 days. Wearing the compression garment continuously for the first 48 to 72 hours is critical. Then after that wearing it except for one brief peroid to shower each day. The majority of patients return to work in one to three days.

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