• Chin augmentation with implant is also referred to as genioplasty, chin enlargement or chin implant.

    Why chin augmentation with implant?

    Chin augmentation will turn a “weak chin”, “receding chin” or “small chin” into a larger, better projecting chin. This turns a weak profile into a more balanced and pleasing one. Many patients opt for a chin augmentaion along with other procedures, such as neck liposuction and rhinoplasty to create a more classically beautiful outline for their face.

    Who is a candidate for chin augmentation with implant?

    Chin augmentation with implant is the best option for patients with a small chin. Implant candidates should also have no bite problems.

    Chin augmentation is a cosmetic surgery procedure designed to create a more pleasing balance between the chin and other facial features. A receding, small or “weak” chin can make the entire face look less pleasing to the eye. In contrast, a well-proportioned chin may:

    • Improve the appearance of the mouth
    • Increase the apparent length of the neck
    • Help create a stronger jaw line
    • Lengthen a short face
    • Make the nose look more proportionate
    • Give the lower face a more youthful appearance

    Is chin augmentation with implants the only way to improve the profile of the chin?

    No. Non-surgical injections and fat transfer and jaw (orthognathic) surgery are other options to improve the profile of the chin.

    Non-surgical injections and fat transfer are a very good option for anyone wishing cosmetic enlargement and contouring of the chin, as long as the skin is able to easily expand. This includes some young individuals and all older individuals who are looking to regain the profile of their youth. Injections have minimal discomfort when compared to implants. Injections also offer the ability to precisely sculpt the chin and enhance areas around the chin than implant could not.

    Jaw surgery requires sawing then repositioning the jaw bone, using screws, plates and wiring of teeth. It is the best option for individuals with significant problems with their teeth coming together (poor occlusion). But because of the extensive nature of the surgery, it is not a good option for those seeking strictly cosmetic improvement.

    How is chin augmentation with implant performed?

    The procedure may be done with local anesthesia, minimal sedation or general anesthesia as the patient wishes. Implants may be inserted through a small incision beneath the chin or inside the mouth between the lip and gum.  Inserting the implant between the lip and gum has the advantage of creating no external scar.

    How do I recover following chin augmentation with implant?

    There is usually a fair amount of soreness in the area of the chin. Patients often experience some temporary numbness, swelling and bruising. For the first few days when should eat liquids and only soft foods. If an internal approach was used the area should be rinsed thoroughly with a peroxide solution after eating. If the external approach was used the incision line should be treated with a Vaseline ointment for a few days. It will generally take a few weeks for the area to feel completely normal. Once the area heals the implant is usually undetectable.

    What are the risks associated with chin augmentation with implant?

    When performed by a skilled, experienced surgeons such as Dr. Perry problems are rare. The problems that do exist are:

    • Bleeding
    • Infection during recovery
    • Position problems of the implant

    Take the first step:

    you are considering chin augmentation with implants, schedule a consultation with Dr Perry. At your consultation Dr. Perry will carefully listen to your concerns and goals, perform the appropriate examination, answer any questions and explain your options often using computer imaging.


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