• Why face and neck liposuction for men?
    Fat deposits in the jowls and beneath the chin and neck produces an older, less healthy and vigorous appearance. A strong, well-defined jawline is important for a fit, youthful, masculine appearance. Liposuction is often an important part of obtaining this look.
    Which men are good candidates for face and neck liposuction?
    Men with good skin elasticity can achieve dramatic results with liposuction alone. For those with moderate skin sagging, combining ThermiTight treatment, which tightens the skin, with liposuction can achieve dramatic results. The ThermiTight probe uses the same tiny openings as the micro cannula liposuction instruments, preventing visible scarring. This makes combining these procedures ideal for many men who need to improve sagging face and neck skin, but wish to avoid the scars associated with many other procedures.
    Why is ThermiTight andThermiLift such an important advancement?
    ThermiRF is the most exciting and revolutionary of these complementary skin tightening procedures. ThermiRF’s unique radio frequency energy is paired with an ultramodern thermal imaging camera, allowing for the most effective, precise and safest skin tightening results available. ThermiRF can be used alone or in combination with liposuction and in many cases can replace conventional procedures such as face lift and tummy tuck
    Besides Liposuction what other procedures can improve a man’s lower face and neck?
    Augmenting the chin and jaw using your own transferred fat, synthetic injectables such as Artefill or implants can often complement face and neck liposuction in creating that strong, masculine look. If there are dental occlusion problems patients should have dental consultation and decide whether or not to pursue occlusion treatments first. Occlusion surgery will often improve the profile of the chin.
    Can these procedures be performed at the same time?
    All these procedures can be combined during the same procedure as desired.
    What is recovery like?
    Following liposuction, ThermiRF and injections most men will have varying swelling and discomfort for a couple of days that then gradually improves. Synthetic injections typically have less swelling. Patients who have implants have the most discomfort. Following liposuction and ThermiRF most men will wear an elastic dressing for 48 hours. The wear this dressing when at home for about a week. This duration will vary depending on the patients unique circumstances.

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