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    Virtual Consultation: At this time we ask all new patients to have a complimentary virtual consultation using either FaceTime or Skype. With virtual consultations patients stay safe at home with no travel time. Skype is a free online webcam service that allows you to see and talk with Dr. Perry in real time via the Internet. It is available free for all computer and hand held devices. FaceTime is like Skype but offered only though Apple products. Both Skype and FaceTime are HIPPA Compliant so they are guaranteed to assure your privacy.  Please contact our office with any questions.   

    In Office Consultations: To comply with California public health directives patients first have a virtual consultation. Usually that is all that is needed to have Dr Perry determine his recommendations for treatments and allow us to send the patient a quote. Occasionally an in person examination is required in order for Dr Perry to arrive at a complete treatment plan. 


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