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Bronze Sculpture at right created by Curtis Perry MD

The Surgeon is the Difference

Dr Perry with one of many Bronze Sculptures he has created.
Dr Perry with one of many Bronze Sculptures he has created.

Artistry in Cosmetic Surgery

Curtis Perry, MD is an innovator in the field of cosmetic surgery who combines over 30 years of experience in plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery with his artistry as an award winning sculptor. Dr Perry applies his meticulous skills to create a beautifully sculpted face and body. Dr. Perry treats ALL patients’ requests with seriousness and ultimate care. This makes Dr. Perry an ideal choice when deciding on the best cosmetic surgery specialist in Los Angeles and Orange County for your needs.

Safety First

Dr Perry and staff offer the finest aesthetic enhancement through state-of-the-art surgery and technologies. The safety, comfort and privacy of those entrusted in our care are always our primary concern. Each candidate will be honestly assessed and have his or her treatment options explained. We will constantly monitor the quality of our service to maintain our patients’ trust and satisfaction.

Integrity Always

Every patient result and every sculpture displayed on this website is the work of Dr Perry and only Dr Perry. The same for the testimonials. We are proud and grateful for our patients for sharing their experiences. You may well notice that all our patient “before and after” results now contain watermarks. This is because we have experienced multiple incidences when surgeons in this country and internationally have plagerized our images and displayed them as their own.


Top Procedures

Brazilian Butt Lift

Using Dr Perry?s technique Brazilian Butt Lift, often referred to as BBL, is a safe and effective fat transfer technique to create a more appealing back.
Using Dr Perry’s technique Brazilian Butt Lift, often referred to as BBL, is a safe, effective and permanent fat transfer technique to create a more appealing back. Click to see BBL before & after photos learn or more about BBL procedures.

Fat Transfer Face

 Fat Transfer Face. Brows, cheeks, nasal labial folds, lips, chin and jawline treated
Fat transfer to the face is a 100% natural, permanent, safe treatment that enhances younger faces and restores youthful facial contours. Click to see Fat Transfer Face before & after photos or learn more about Fat Transfer Face procedures.

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Face

Radio frequency skin tightening combined with liposuction of lower face and neck.
Radio frequency skin tightening combined with liposuction of lower face and neck. Minimally invasive Radio Frequency tightens the lower face and neck without incisions for long lasting results. Click to see more Radio Frequency before & after photos or learn more about Radio Frequency Treatments.


After speaking with another surgeon first, I chose Dr. Perry because of his down-to-earth manner and sculpting background. I have had several procedures done and have never regretted any of them. My self-confidence has soared as well as my personal and professional life. Thank you Dr. Perry and his wonderful staff.

32 Year Old Brow Lift, Rhinoplasty, Cheek, Chin and Lip Augmentation Patient

It’s not that often that we take the time to truly thank the people who’ve made a difference in our lives. I want to thank your wonderful staff for making my experience such a positive one. It is obvious to me that you take great pride in your work. It really shows. You and your staff went out of your way to make me happy and believe me I have never been happier. Liposuction can be a somewhat scary experience, but your wonderful sense of humor allowed me to relax and not feel so anxious. I never really felt like I belonged in my own skin. I really disliked the way I looked for so long. Now when I look in the mirror I see the person I always wanted. I will never be able to thank you often enough. Although my husband tells me he thought I was just as beautiful to him before the liposuction, deep down (and not that deep down) I know he is really happy with the results. Of course I need to have another closet built for all the new clothes that I am able to wear. I don’t think he’s too happy about that. Anyway, thank you again for helping me to discover the me I always knew I could be.

48 year old Liposuction Patient

Despues de la cirujia, me siento mejor. La gente mehan comentado que lusco mas joven. La cirujia hacambiado mi imagen. Me siento mejor.” (After the surgery I feel better. My face appears much better. I look younger and my image has changed. People have been telling me that I look much younger.)

64 year old face lift Patient

Dr. Curtis Perry THE BEST OF THE BEST!!! I love my results. After 12 years, I still look wonderful. I just saw Dr. Perry recently. I need lateral brow fat transfer now. I am 55 , and lost facial volume in this area. This area was never done in 2001. During my appointment, I asked him why so many celebrities, with so much money and access to the very best , look so terrible after having fillers, or fat transfer. His answer was, not all cosmetic surgeons are good at where they place the fillers/fat, including the most expensive surgeon money can buy, with the best reputation! Dr. Perry is not only a cosmetic surgeon, but an award winning artist as well. He attended RISD . On his website, you can view his sculptures. He can SCULPT YOUR FACE and BODY. I know first hand. He also performed liposculpture on me. The results were incredible! He is ” the cream of the crop”, as far as plastic surgeons. Excellent, sincere, and WILL NOT DO ANYTHING YOU DO NOT NEED!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM AND HAVE TO MANY!

55 Year Fat Transfer Patient

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